TPG - Technical Performance Gear

The 3-Part System

TPG 3-part system consists of the optional Basegear to keep you dry, a Tech Liner to maintain the correct body temperature and a selection of jackets and pants designed to allow the first two layers to operate properly by defending against outside forces.


      Basegear's heat-release mechanism keeps your skin surface as cool as possible to help maintain core body temperature. Increases in core body temperature can cause muscle fatigue and slow reaction time. Warm and Cool weather versions. Tops and Pants available. Sold Separately.
    2. MID-LAYER

      Tech Liner Jacket
      Constructed of 3-layer laminate fabric that is water and windproof, it also doubles as a standalone casual jacket. Sold Separately.
    3. TOP

      Outer Jacket
      All TPG outer jackets are waterproof and breathable, come with D3O® shock-absorbent armor and have multiple venting options. The photos below show just some of TPG's technical features.



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