NEW 37.5 Basegear

Moisture transfer is the fundamental action that occurs in maintaining a comfortable micro climate. What is a micro climate? It’s the environment contained by your clothing that protects and helps regulate your body’s temperature and humidity level.

37.5 Basegear from Firstgear® incorporates unique naturally derived, carbonized particles that are embedded to the individual fibers. These particles increase the evaporative surface area by over 800%. This immensely larger surface area accelerates the evaporative process allowing the body to react quicker and more dynamically to ever changing conditions. Additionally, 37.5® particles absorb infrared heat energy given off by your body to both dramatically increase moisture transfer and evaporation while helping to regulate body temperature. These particles are permanently bonded to the fibers –they cannot be worn out or washed out.

Staying dry is vital in maintaining an optimal body temperature and humidity level inside your riding outerwear. 37.5® Basegear and Headwear are a gigantic leap forward in moisture transfer fabric technology, providing outstanding comfort across a wide variety of temperature and environmental conditions. Greatly facilitating the ‘breathability’ of your waterproof-breathable outerwear. Available in a variety of style options that provide coverage over the entire body.