37.5 Tech Liner Gloves

The 37.5® Glove Tech Liners are the ideal layering piece for your riding gloves. With its extraordinary wicking properties, hands stay warm when it's cold and cooler when it's hot outside. They dramatically improve the performance of any waterproof-breathable gloves. 37.5® active particles enhance the performance of waterproof-breathable fabrics by increasing the surface area and absorbing the energy your body produces to accelerate evaporation and breathability--keeping you dry on the inside and allowing you to stay out longer.

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  • Billions of active micro-porous 37.5® particles provide 800% the surface area to spread moisture
  • These active particles utilize body heat to help speed up evaporation and accelerate breathability
  • By using the energy your body creates to speed up evaporation, you stay drier and more comfortable
  • Five-year limited warranty