37.5 Arm Warmers

Utilizing 37.5® moisture transfer fabric technology combined with wind blocking 37.5® tri-laminate panels, 37.5® Arm Warmers provide outstanding temperature regulation. The strategically placed wind blocking panels take the chill out while still allowing excess heat to exit. Perfect for cool mornings (or evenings) under your mesh riding jacket. Easy to put on and take off as needed. Easily stowed, taking minimal space, the 37.5® Basegear Arm Warmers are the perfect supplement to your touring apparel ensemble.


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  • Designed for optimal temperature regulation
  • Built-in tri-laminate panels to block wind
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Compact and simple to stow

Parts Number

515861 MESH HI BOOTS 7 $139.95
515862 MESH HI BOOTS 8 $139.95
515863 MESH HI BOOTS 9 $139.95
515864 MESH HI BOOTS 10 $139.95
515865 MESH HI BOOTS 11 $139.95
515866 MESH HI BOOTS 12 $139.95
515867 MESH HI BOOTS 13 $139.95