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Love This Jacket!

"Got back into riding after a 20 year break. When choosing a jacket, I felt like Indiana Jones trying to pick the Holy Grail. I decided on the Kathmandu. My first ride was 3 hours in a rain storm at 42 degrees. I knew I had chosen wisely. Love this jacket!

Wayne M.

Key West, FL

I'm Impressed

"I got knocked off my bike by a car. My First Gear jacket, pants and gloves saved my hide. Very impressed with how well they both protected and held up. Thank you, Firstgear, for a quality product!

Daryl N.

Kent, WA

Dry Under These Conditions

"Just returned home after a ride in heavy rain with my new Kathmandu jacket. I wanted to see how it would hold up in 80 degrees and 98% humidity. I pealed out of my gear without any wet spots underneath. The light weight makes it a pleasure to wear. Thanks Firstgear!

Harold H.

Charleston, SC